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Hi there!

First of all thank you for taking the time to visit my website! I hope you like what I have to offer!

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My Story

To tell you about how I ended up making jewelry I have to tell you where it all started with baking. I grew up in the kitchen, and once I found out I could do that as a living I chased after it with everything I had. Instead of going to a normal high school I went to a technical high school and took culinary arts. Afterwards I went to Newbury College for baking and pastry arts. Shortly after college I ended up at a bakery which I worked at for two years. The last year I was there I was the interim operations manager. By the time I left I was severely burnt out, and I went through a kind of break up with baking. Two months later covid happened. Then a year later after a big move to a new place and building a new life with my boyfriend I found myself searching for a hobby. I wasn't working in the kitchen anymore so I didn't have a way of getting that creativity out. I decided I wanted to try my hand at painting, and something about it just clicked with me. After a year of painting I made a good friend, Adrian who saw my work and asked me to vend a music festival with her. The first one was a train wreck. We had torrential downpours and ended up leaving early. But what I did learn from this event was I needed some smaller items to sell as well and that's when I found jewelry. I had seen someone selling crystals and thought I could do something with that. And now here we are months later and I'm building a business I never thought I would. Adrian of Open Soul Traveler and I will be vending events together all spring and summer. I'll be keeping you guys updated in my locations page of where we'll be!

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