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Hand wrapped agatized coral coffin earrings.

Agatized coral is an excellent stone for emotional healing. It encourages self love and helps its user to form better relationships with others. It's said to motivate change and encourage confidence. Agatized coral is often used by writers and artists who believe it stimulates creativity and enhances imagination. Its calming energy is often used in the home to encourage harmony and balance as well as soothe anger and frustration.

Agatized Coral Coffin Earrings

SKU: 126351351935
  • If for some reason the item is damaged or comes unwrapped the item can be shipped back fixed or replaced and mailed back to you. If an item has been damaged during shipping, the item will be replaced free of charge. Please be aware if this happens stock is limited and the exact crystal or stone may not be available immediately. It may take 2-3 weeks for exact replacement. If you would like a refund you must ship your item back. Once I have received the item your refund will be processed.

  • There are two options for shipping. Standard shipping 5-7 business days is $3.00. For express shipping 2-3 business days it's $7.00. Any orders $50.00 or over will receive free shipping.

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